Susanna Cattai's Limited Edition Art Shop

Susanna Cattai's Limited Edition Art Shop

It’s hard to summarise in just a few sentences a scholastic and professional journey full of decisive experiences for my artistic background that today, with great satisfaction, is well represented by “LIMITED EDITION ART SHOP”, a craft in which everything is entirely handmade with the lengths of time and the methods typical of a masterly artisan tradition.

The Degree in Scenography earned at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, the attainment of a scholarship for the training course at the Teatro alla Scala of Milan and the collaboration with workshops specialized in scenographic staging and interior decorations allowed me to acquire not just an excellent mastery of the more sophisticated painting techniques but also a sound capacity to elaborate and bring to life the requested project with the thoroughness that has always characterizes my “modus operandi”.

Every creation is the result of a careful work of research that finds its natural expression in the paper sketches and in a more accurate graphic development in digital format to ensure the best result to the client.

The uniqueness and the quality of the handmade that marks my work make “LIMITED EDITION ART SHOP” a focal point for those who don’t appreciate mass-produced and easy distributed items.


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